2020 Publishing Roundup

This was my first year selling fantasy and science-fiction stories, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Here are my four story publications, in order of release:

1. SHARDS A high-fantasy suspense story about the survivors of a global flood. It’s on the Nebula Reading List and was the basis for the cover art.

@harridanechoes: “i’m only like three sections in, and just had to stop and say this is fucking awesome” “just finished and WOW! am going to need some time to sit with it, but just totally awestruck right now.”

@nameandnoun: “Whoa, just finished this. So gripping! When’s the rest coming out?”

FishyGoo: “Metaphorsosis [sic] publish some stellar stuff – yours included.”

crlisle: “Great world building!”

2. WHERE BE HIS QUIDDITIES A hard science-fiction story about brain emulations. My most popular story so far.

Robin Hanson: “This is wonderful, just wonderful! My eyes are teary.”

@VectorOfBasis: “This story is really, really very good. I think it’s very hard to create believable & optimistic descriptions of weird future, but @jachaseyoung does it splendidly!”

@arejaygraham: “I was about to go to sleep, but I had to click this immediately. Really beautiful.”

@Radegund: “What a marvellous little story.”

@7SecularSermons: “This is absolutely beautiful, the best and truest kind of science fiction. This should be a movie.”

@prakashcshekar: “Nice story. Bittersweet little thing for OB readers.”

@tszzl: “excellent short, i know good scifi when i see it i’d love to see you work this concept into a whole novel or something. there are really very few writers who’ve grappled with the concept of Em societies seriously outside of Greg Egan and now you”

3. AMBROSE STARKISSER ENCOUNTERS THAT WHICH IS LOCKED A science-fiction comedy story about a galactically wealthy and powerful jerk who can’t seem to open a simple vault. This was my first pro sale.

Tangent Online: “The comedy of the thousand-word piece derives from three elements: the escalating absurdity of the actor’s efforts to access the vault, the anticipation fueled with the delayed conclusion, and a got-what-you-asked-for climactic twist. Fun.”

4. THE VAULTING VANDALS OF TERMINA CELESTE A science-fiction story featuring nanite graffiti, acrobatic vandals, a starship of modular crystals, and much more. At over 13,000 words, this is my longest story sale so far.

(No public reviews for this one yet, but it might be my favorite piece out of the four.)

Since this was my first year of publication, I’m eligible for the Astounding Award for Best New Writer! I have more stuff coming out next year, so keep your eyes tuned and stay peeled.

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